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Greene Street Capital is a private equity and venture capital firm based in New York that exists to grow companies that make the world a better place. Founded on the belief that why we do our jobs matters, Greene Street Capital desires to demonstrate that we can do business in ways that benefit everyone.

Our investment strategy focuses on helping our growth companies develop accelerate their growth through supply chain integration and build lasting value through sustainable competitive advantage. Our risk mitigating method is at the nexus of income, principal protection, and diversification.

Honesty and integrity are everything, so it’s always important to ensure that the incentives are aligned. Therefore, we will only put investor’s money into deals when Greene Street Capital is also a substantial investor.

With our guiding principles, coupled with our high risk awareness and low risk tolerance, we are dispassionate, disciplined, and diligent about partnering with the right management teams to provide the financial, strategic and analytic resources needed to build and grow America’s great companies.

We build a better world today.

  • “Be the change you want to happen” – Marco Rojas
  • We believe in investing in the present, and operating our business in a way that it is improving the world on a daily basis, through the value it delivers its customers, the manner in which it treats its team, and the responsibility it honors to its community.
  • Our business, at every moment, seeks to provide a role model for good corporate behavior.

We contribute to a better community.

  • “No man is an island.” – John Donne
  • Companies exist in the physical and social context of the communities in which they operate. We believe that working with and contributing to our local community will enhance the success of our projects. Additionally, we believe that successful companies have a responsibility to care for the communities that help them flourish.

Our Team is our Family.

  • The word company derives from the word companion.
  • We believe that the most successful companies are those that treat all of their team members as companions in a tribe/family. Members of a family know that they are cared for, and that their voices, even and especially when challenging authority, are appreciated.
  • Being a family gives us an inverted hierarchy. We believe that the field hand usually has better information and instincts than the CEO, and encourage a bottom-up system of thinking and decision making.

Integrity and honesty are worth more than profits.

  • Period.