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Investing in a Better World

Our Vision

Greene Street Capital exists to show that a private equity firm can flourish with the dual mission of generating alpha for its investors and investing in firms and assets that make the world a better place. Such a firm would measure its results not only by IRR, but also by the way in which it consistently treats its partners, employees, portfolio companies, and the communities in which they operate.


Greene Street Capital is a private equity and venture capital firm based in New York that exists to grow companies that make the world a better place. Founded on the belief that why we do our jobs matters, Greene Street Capital desires to demonstrate that we can do business in ways that benefit everyone.

Our investment strategy focuses on helping our portfolio companies accelerate their growth through supply chain integration and the creation of lasting value through sustainable competitive advantage. Our risk mitigating method is at the nexus of income, principal protection and diversification.

Honesty and integrity are everything, so it’s always important to ensure that the incentives are aligned. Therefore, we will only put investor’s money into deals when Greene Street Capital is also a substantial investor.

We are dispassionate, disciplined and diligent about partnering with the right management teams to provide the financial, strategic and analytic resources needed to build extraordinary organizations.

We build a better world today.

  • “Be the change you want to happen.” – Mohandas Gandhi
  • We believe in operating our business in a way that improves the world on a daily basis through the value it delivers its customers, the manner in which it treats its team and the responsibility it honors to its community.
  • Our business, at every moment, seeks to provide a role model for good corporate behavior.

We contribute to a better community.

  • “No man is an island.” – John Donne
  • Companies exist in the physical and social context of the communities in which they operate. We believe that working with and contributing to our local community will enhance the success of our projects. Additionally, we believe that successful companies have a responsibility to care for the communities that help them flourish.

Our Team is our Family.

  • The word company is a derivative of the word companion.
  • We believe that the most successful companies are those that treat all of their team members as companions in a tribe/family. Members of a family know that they are cared for, and that their voices, even and especially when challenging authority, are appreciated.
  • Being a family gives us an inverted hierarchy. We believe that the field hand usually has better information and instincts than the CEO, and encourage a bottom-up system of thinking and decision making.

Integrity and honesty are worth more than profits.

  • Period.

Ari Bernstein

Founder & Partner

In 2016, Ari Bernstein co-founded Glenrock Energy, an upstream oil producer with the mission of reducing the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and lowering the costs of energy. 

The company owns and operates over 40,000 acres of mineral leaseholds in the Powder River Basin, which it intends to utilize, subject to agreements from primary stakeholders [State of Wyoming, Financiers, PacifiCorp, DOE and IRS], to demonstrate the viability and profitability of carbon capture for small and medium sized oil producers. 

Glenrock Energy has been an active member in a number of regulatory, congressional and operational initiatives to create awareness of and promote action for carbon capture in the United States. These include but are not limited to contributing to the passing of the landmark FUTURE Act in February of 2018 and the beginning of the formal engagement of PacifiCorp in July of 2018 for a proper review of CCUS feasibility for its Dave Johnston coal-fired power generation facility in Converse County, Wyoming. It continues to work with the State Representatives for Wyoming, Congress, the White House and industry partners to expand the viability and deployment of carbon capture technology. 

Prior to co-founding Glenrock, Ari executed on over $150 million of real estate transactions and continues to oversee his portfolio of investments in that sector. 

Philanthropically, Ari co-founded a synagogue in Greenwich Village, and financially launched Knock Knock Give a Sock, a charity that creates personal relationships between successful professionals and individuals experiencing homelessness.

Prior to launching Greene Street Capital, Ari conducted research for a year at Yale Law School under the late Professor Jan Deutsch. Ari holds a BA in philosophy from YU. 

Greene Street Capital is an investment company dedicated to Value + Values opportunities; investments with a deep margin of safety that benefit the world and the communities in which they are located.

Todd E. Benson


As Managing Partner & CEO of Herington LCC Todd Benson is an investor in, advisor to and board member of private-capital backed companies.

Prior to the formation of Herington in 2011, he was Managing Partner and Global Co-Head of Citi Private Equity (CPE), which he co-founded in 2000 and grew to a globally diversified asset management platform with assets under management (AUM) of $11 billion (including $1 billion of energy- and energy-related investments). 

Prior to CPE, Benson was a Managing Director in Salomon Smith Barney’s Investment Banking Division where in addition to executing numerous strategic and financing transactions his responsibilities included participation on the Division-wide year-end compensation committee and heading of the Division’s training committee. 

Benson holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School where he was elected a George F. Baker Scholar and graduated with High Distinction.  A native of Kansas City, he graduated from the University of Kansas with degrees in Accounting and Business Administration and remains a loyal fan of the Jayhawks, Chiefs and Royals.


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